The Only Gnocchi Recipe You’ll Ever Need

A classic gnocchi preparation: marinara, basil, and parmesan

Flour. Potato. Egg. Salt. These four ingredients are all you need to make gnocchi, the soft potato dumplings that are the ultimate Italian comfort food. These lovely little pillows soak up whatever sauce you put them in, making for a flavorful, savory dish.

As a child, I was obsessed with gnocchi. Any time we went out to an Italian restaurant, which was pretty often given my father’s Italian background, I instantly scoured the menu for gnocchi. No matter what sauce it came with, I ordered it. At one restaurant in the town I grew up in, my dad was family friends with the owner. The restaurant was quite expensive, so we only went on special occasions, like birthdays or graduations. A few days before our reservation, if gnocchi was not on the menu, my dad would call up his the owner and ask him to arrange something special for me. Even as an eight-year old, I was demanding and just slightly bougie. My version of the kids menu was gnocchi, not fish sticks or chicken nuggets. I believed my dad had a magical power to summon my favorite pasta dish. When we sat down and the menu didn’t list gnocchi as a dish, I would look to him, he would nod and take care of things with the waiter. Shortly afterwards, my one true culinary love arrived, delicious as always.

Gnocchi Recipe


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